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Summarize the paragraphs below on individual differences, and family and social...

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Summarize the paragraphs below on individual differences, and family and social influences?

Paragraph 1 (Individual differences) -

Bushman (1995) has shown that more aggressive individuals choose to watch violent programmes more often and are more likely to be affected by them. In his experiments he demonstrated that aggressive individuals are more likely to feel angry and aggressive after watching a violent film compared with non-aggressive individuals. This seems to stem from childhood where it’s been found that aggressive children again watch more media violence, are more likely to identify with the violent characters and believe that this violence reflects real-life. In addition, those people who watch media violence for a long period of time tend to accept violence more in everyday life.


Paragraph 2 (Family and social influences) -

The media seems to be less important in encouraging aggression than the family and social norms the individual grows up with. Aggressive adults are more likely to come from backgrounds where violence and corporal punishment are acceptable and used as a means of discipline. It’s been shown that adults who were raised using this type of approach are affected most by media violence and are therefore more likely to copy it. In contrast children from homes where physical means of discipline are not used are unaffected by media violence.

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These two paragraphs are meant to give two very different views on the "nature or nurture" debate.

The first paragraph argues that everything is about nature.  It says that violence in the media does not cause kids or adults to be violent.  Instead, it says that kids are pretty much born violent or not. If they are born violent, they watch violent stuff and it makes them even more violent.  If they are born nonviolent, watching violence does not change them.

The second paragraph says the opposite.  It says that kids who grow up around violence (especially corporal punishment) are more likely to become violent.  This is saying that the "nurture" side of the equation is what makes a person violent or not.

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