Is Sucker a living, breathing person, or might he be created out of a psychological need? Is he symbolic? Is Sucker real or not?give three pieces of evidence to support from the story to support...

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He could be a figment of the imagination of a teenager who needs to vent his frustrations, but Sucker is way too black and white not to be a real person.

First, Sucker did not come out of the midst of nowhere: He was a baby when his parents died in a car crash. Hence, he has an origin- a very real and human one at that.

Second, Sucker presents characteristics that are very human and real: He sweats, reacts, fears, attaches himself. Surely an imaginary person could do that but the chances of a real person being like that are higher, especially someone who has experienced trauma and co-dependence.

Third, Sucker changed and became bigger and badder than Peter. He was clearly a developed person. I think that if Sucker had been imaginary, a la "Fight Club" he would have met a specific demise once the character who feeds it does not need it anymore. Seems like Sucker fared quite well without Peter, instead of the other way around. That is significant that he is indeed a person who changed.

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hes not


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