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Successes and Failures of World VisionThere are many known successes and very few known...

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Successes and Failures of World Vision

There are many known successes and very few known failures so could you please help by listing both successes and failures of this Non-Governmental Organisation, World Vision.

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I do think the organization has been more successful than not.  They provide aid in mostly ignored parts of the world.  This includes services for schools, clean water and health care in needy areas.  The only criticisms I have heard have been that the organization makes you think you are sponsoring a particular child, when you are really only pooling that sponsoring money for the village.  They also claim to teach children English and they don't.

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Interestingly, the NGO Monitor, an Israeli based "watchdog" organization that monitors the activities of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), which have grown increasingly powerful and influential, reports what it interprets as failures. For example, NGO Monitor says that World Vision has an aggressive anti-Israeli stance that it advances in open political forums, like a 2007 Geneva based UN conference on the 60th anniversary of UN Resolution 181 calling for separate Arab and Israeli states.

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