A street that is 40 metres long has a tree every 10 metres on both sides.  What is the total number of trees lining the entire street?



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The street is 40 meters long.

We will count the trees from the beginning of the street to the end.

There are two trees on the beginning of the street==> 2 trees

After 10 meters, there are two more trees ==> 2 trees

After 20 meter, there are two more trees ==> 2 trees

After 30 meters, there are two more trees ==> 2 trees

After 40 meters, there are two more trees==> 2 trees

Now counting all trees we have : 2 + 2 + 2 + 2+ 2 = 10 trees.

Then, the total number of trees lining the street is 10 trees.

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