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What is an outline of the major steps in the strategic planning process (refer to...

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What is an outline of the major steps in the strategic planning process (refer to below)?

Strategic planning involves both the development of organizational objectives and the laying down of specifications about how they will be accomplished.

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Strategic planning is essential for all endeavors, not just business. If anything is going to go smoothly, then there must be step-by-step foresight. Here is a general outline of how things can be done. First, there must be a goal that is in view. In other words, what are the main objectives that a person or organization wants to accomplish. This needs to made clear. The second question you need to ask is how a person is going to reach these goals. What things or person(s) are necessary to achieve these objectives? In this stage, there should already be concrete steps that are in place to obtain objectives, or goals. If the goals are big, then incremental steps to achieve smaller goals may be important. The third step should be evaluation. Critical evaluation is central and not an afterthought. You might find that you are not working well or that there is a better way to achieve your goals. Finally, you follow the steps over again for each incremental goal.

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