In Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, what does Whit invite George to do on Saturday night?

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Whit invites George and some of the other ranch hands to go into town to the cathouse, or brothel.  George says it's better to go to the cathouse and have his fill all at once rather than be tempted by fornication in the meantime.  But, at the same time, it shows how lonely the men are.

Those left behind are the weakest ones: Lennie, Candy, and Crooks.  It is one of the few times that George leaves Lennie alone.  During this time, Lennie goes into the barn to talk to Crooks.

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In Chapter Three of Steinbeck's novella, the reader is introduced to the laborer Whit. At first, Whit is interested in showing Slim a letter in a magazine written by a former worker at the ranch. Whit remarks that he and the man who wrote the letter, Bill Tenner, were good friends. The scene helps reinforce Steinbeck's theme of the importance of friendship. Later, Whit tells George about the two whorehouses in Soledad, Clara's place and Susy's place. Soledad probably had two such establishments because there were several ranches in the area and many workers (whorehouses are common in Steinbeck's fiction, most notably in Cannery Row and East of Eden). Whit indicates that he likes Susy better because she "cracks jokes" and the whiskey and girls at her place are cheaper. He invites George to go along the next night, which is Saturday. George comments that he might go in and "look the joint over" but he would just have a drink because he and Lennie are trying to save money. Whit suggests that going to Susy's place is the only fun he has and that a man needs to go to such places once in a while. Again, this subject tends to bolster Steinbeck's themes of friendship, loneliness and the necessity of companionship.   

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