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State what happens during the following three phases of interphase.Gap 1 phase- I need...

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State what happens during the following three phases of interphase.

Gap 1 phase- I need two things that happen during this phase

S phase- I need two things that happen during this phase

Gap 2 phase- I need one thing that happens during this phase.

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In the research section of eNotes, interphase is defined as:

There are three stages of interphase, each phase ends when a cellular checkpoint checks the accuracy of the stage's completion before proceeding to the next. The stages of interphase are:

  • G1 (Gap 1), in which the cell grows and functions normally. During this time, a lot of protein synthesis occurs and the cell grows (to about double its original size) - more organelles are produced and increasing the volume of the cytoplasm. If the cell is not to divide again, it will remain in this phase.
  • Synthesis (S), in which the cell duplicates its DNA (via semi-conservative replication). During S phase, the centrosome is also duplicated.
  • G2 (Gap 2), in which the cell resumes its growth in preparation for mitosis.
  • Additionally some cells which do not divide often or ever, enter a stage called G0 (Gap zero), which is either a stage separate from interphase or an extended G1 phase which follows the restriction point, a cell cycle checkpoint found at the end of G1.

The duration of time spent in interphase and in each stage of interphase is variable and depends on both the type of cell and the species of organism it belongs to. Most cells adults mammals spend about 20 hours in interphase, this accounts for about 90% of the total time involved in cell division (1).

1. Mader, S S, 2007, Biology 9ed., McGraw Hill Higher Education, Boston, MA, USA

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