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Standard Growth Chart\One tool that physicians use to determine if there may be a...

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Standard Growth Chart

\One tool that physicians use to determine if there may be a growth problem is the Standard Growth Chart. There is a separate chart for boys and girls.
The first step is to plot the child's height and age on the appropriate growth chart to determine what percentile group he or she is in. For example, Boy A is 10 years old and 55 inches tall. This boy is right in the middle of the growth curve and will probably be average height as an adult. Boy B is also 10 years old but stands only 50 inches tall. He would be in the 3rd percentile for boys his age and his final height may be quite short. If height history is available, the physician can determine if the child has steadily followed one of the percentiles, or has suddenly dropped from one to another. For example, Girl A's history is as follows:
Between ages 4 and 7 she was consistently around the 75th percentile. While she continued to grow, by age 9 she has dropped to the 25th percentile. This could indicate the onset of a growth failure. If, on the other hand, she had consistently placed near the 25th percentile, then she is probably short due to genetic factors. Unless her parents are in a significantly higher

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