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Stage ProductionsHello all!For those of you out there who have been able to see...

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Stage Productions

Hello all!

For those of you out there who have been able to see Shakespeare performed on the stage, I'm hoping you will share your favorite play/production with the rest of us.  What made it your favorite?  Do you remember the actors? the costumes? the set design? the language?  What about it was magical for you?

If you have not seen Shakespeare on the stage, tell us which one you would choose to see someday if money/time/etc., was no object!

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I remember seeing The Taming of the Shrew when I was in high school. There was nothing like it! It was a community theater production, so the actors were not professionals, but to me they were the greatest actors who ever lived.

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I saw The Merry Wives of Windsor at the Globe last summer with the group of students that I took to England and Paris.  eve though they were just rehearsing,  it was fabulous!  The theatre itself is awe-inspiring!  The elocution and voice projection...even when they whispered...was just amazing! I will never forget it and wish they would've allowed photos during the performance as well as before and after.  Our schedule did not allow for us to see the actual performance, but we did get to see part of the rehearsal and have a backstage tour/poetry workshop.  Fun, fun, fun!!!

There is a wonderful Shakespeare Festival in Orlando each year...I saw Julius Caesar and Twelfth Night at Lake Eola.  They were also magical simply because it was outside by the lake and it was summertime and just awesome.

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Seeing Hamlet in Stratford, England was the moment that made Shakespeare come alive to me. One part in particular I absolutely loved was how the "mousetrap" - the play within a play performed to trap Claudius, was played out by the players behind a sheet to silhouette the mime and highlight the action. Brilliant. This version also played a childhood video of Hamlet playing with his father at the very beginning of the play which was repeated at the end which really highlighted the plight of Hamlet and emphasised the love he had for his father. Magic!

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I have not seen many plays, unfortunately. I did see Romeo and Juliet once, but it was an amateur production.  However, I am excited to get to visit the Ashland Shakespeare Festival this spring and see Macbeth, which I am teaching for the first time, and Romeo and Juliet.

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