The speed of sound in water is 1498m/s. A sonar signal is sent from a ship at a point just below the water surface and 18s later the reflected signal is detected. How deep is the ocean beneath the...

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First, determine the total distance (d_T) traveled by the sound. To do so, apply the formula:


where d-distance, s-speed and t - time.

Plug-in the values of speed and time.

`d_T= st=1498*18=26964`

So the total distance traveled by the sound in the water is 29 964 meters.

Then, take note that distance traveled by the sound going to the bottom of the sea (d1) and back to the surface (d2) are the same.



`d_T= d_1+ d_2`






Hence, the depth of the ocean is 13482 meters.

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