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Songs relating to Romeo and JulietHi I need to create a cd with 20 songs that in some...

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Songs relating to Romeo and Juliet

Hi I need to create a cd with 20 songs that in some way have to relate to Romeo and Juliet, so far I have 12 songs but I need 8 more so can some one help and pitch some ideas? thanks 

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Without being sure what you have on your list already, I don't know if you have included the Rolling Stones' song, "You Can't Always Get What you Want". 

This chorus of this song is all about desiring the impossible, a definite theme of Romeo & Juliet. 

Another idea: "Eight Days a Week" by the Beatles. This is a song making a statement about excessive feeling. 


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"I've Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher.  This song is perfect for a pair of "star-crossed lovers."

How about "Check yes, Juliet" by We the Kings?  This song is actually a take on the play, but has a much more modern feel than "I've Got You Babe," which is admittedly a little cheesy.

Taylor Swift's "Love Story" also alludes to a pair of lovers who sneak away to meet each other secretly.


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"Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult specifically references Romeo and Juliet, noting that the two lovers are "together in eternity." Another song is "Romeo and Juliet" by Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits), which takes the perspective of Romeo, imagining an alternative ending to the story in which Juliet opts for another man. The best song of the bunch, in my humble opinion, is "Exit Music (for a film)" by Radiohead .It also evokes many of the themes in Romeo and Juliet, taking the point of view of a young man trying to elope with his lover. I recall reading somewhere that it was written for the soundtrack of the modern version of Romeo and Juliet, but it is on OK Computer.



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It would have helped if you had told us which songs you have, but some of the ones that come to mind for me are "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, because it actually mentions Romeo and Juliet, "Let it Be" by The Beatles, because it is a simple love song, and perhaps one I found from this list that seemed appropriate "When You Say Nothing at All" by Allison Krauss.


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