Someone explain this sentence from "Paul's Case": "He spent more than an hour in dressing, watching every stage of his toilet carefully in the mirror." I Was reading "Pauls Case" and came across...

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This means he is watching his everyday habits and routines he do in the morning when he wakes up. "Watching every stage of his toilet carefully in the mirror" proves the point that he is watching his usual start of his day where he would dress up, brush his teeth and get fresh and ready for the day ahead in the bathroom. When he looks at the mirror, he can be seen observing his common routine that he regularly do- meaning it is a habit for him to do all this, so dressing up early in the morning in the bathing room might be a common thing he do every morning.

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At one time "toilet" meant the whole routine. So it just means that he watched every stage of his getting ready in the mirror.

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