solve. 5x-7 over 5 = 7x+3 over 2 .the books give me the answer but dont know the steps.

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I assume that what you mean by this is

(5x-7)/5 = (7x+3)/2

If so, here are the steps.  What you have to do first is to get rid of the fractions.  You can do that by multiplying both sides by something that is a common multiple of 5 and 2.  So we will use 10.  If you multiply both sides by 10, you get

10x-14 = 35x+15

From there, you just need to move the variables to one side and the numbers to the other.

-25x = 29

Divide both sides by -25

x = -29/25

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5x-7 over 5 = 7x+3 over 2 .

(5x-7)/5 = (7x+3)/2

Taking 5 on other side:

(5x-7)=(7x+3)/2 *5

Taking 2 on other side:

(5x-7) *2 = (7x+3) *5








or -1 4/25

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5x-7 /5 = 7x+3/2

cross multiply: 10x-14 = 35x+15

add 14 to both sides:  10x=35x+29

subtract 35x from both sides:  -25x=29

divide both sides  by -25:  x= 29 / -25

-1 4/25   (-25 goes into 29 once with 4 left over)

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