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Smoking on college campuses - reasons to allow it?I am wrinting a persuasion essay on...

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Smoking on college campuses - reasons to allow it?

I am wrinting a persuasion essay on why campuses SHOULD allow smoking for college students. As i read into many articles, all i see is that there are bans against smoking on campuses. i would like some feedback on some positive things to persuade and allow smoking on campuses.

help please

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The main point to make for this would be a point about personal freedom.  There are not really any health issues that can be raised in favor of allowing this, so the only thing you have to fall back on is personal freedom.  You should argue that smoking should be allowed so long as it is done in places where only smokers are hurt by it.

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Wow, I cannot think of any reasons why college campuses should allow smoking.  College kids are so easily influenced, and they are in such close proximity.  The only argument I can see is that they are going to smoke anyway, so you will have less mess and fewer hassles if you designate a place to do it.

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Well, smoking is legal. That seems like the basic argument in favor of allowing smoking on college campuses. To ban smoking in outdoor areas dedicated to use by adults seems like it could be interpreted as an infringment of individual rights.

People don't exactly have a "right to smoke", but a right to do whatever they want if it is legal. And smoking is legal. 

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Even though smoking is legal, it isn't allowed in all places. There are designated areas even in society in which people aren't allowed to smoke. So you can't use the argument that smoking is allowed everywhere else.

Most people smoking at school wouldn't even be 18 yet, so they aren't legally allowed to smoke. Very few would be able to do so legally.

There is no way smoking can be legalised in schools...

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Smoking should not be allowed for underage college students. If one student in a dorm situation wishes to smoke in her room but her roommate is against it, it would create friction. It is unhealthy for so many reasons to smoke and second hand smoke is even worse. However, there is no way to prevent someone from smoking outside the school buildings and of course, that is still going to occur on campus. 

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