What are the effects of slavery on the characters in Beloved?Slavery, image of beauty, Sixo's image of trees, the second  image of pain for slavery, the murder of Sethe's daughter, and the...

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I'm not quite sure what you are asking about each of these items, but I will try to give you some help here.  The novel is about the effects of slavery on a people.  Most of the items you have listed concern the pain that slavery wreaks on individuals.  Brother is the the tree at Sweet Home that Paul and Sixo named.  Sweet Home had many beautiful trees, but Brother was their favorite.  It was here that Sixo experimented with "night-cooking" potatoes.    When Paul D thinks of this scene and Sixo, he says,

Now there was a man, and that was a tree.

But the memory of this beautiful place and its beautiful trees is very painful to both Paul D and Sethe. For it was here at Sweet Home that Sethe was molested, Paul D forced to wear a bit, and Sixo was burned for trying to escape.  These painful memories cause Sethe to murder her own child rather than have her baby endure the hardship of slaver, and Paul D to lock up his emotions in a tobacco tin, so that he does not have to remember the horrors that occurred on what was truly a beautiful place.

I hope this helps.

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