Simplify the expression `(6sqrt6)/(-4sqrt30)`  Give the exact value in simplified form. Rationalize any denominators.   6 times the square root of 6            over -4 times the square...

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To simplify:


First simplify by cross cancelling and reduce the contents of the square roots to prime bases:

`therefore = (3sqrt(3 times 2))/(-2sqrt(5 times 2 times 3))`

Note we can now cross cancel further:

`therefore = 3/(-2sqrt5)`

To rationalize the denominator multiply by `sqrt5/sqrt5` which is effectively multiplying by `1/1 = 1`

`therefore = (3/(-2sqrt5)) times (sqrt5/sqrt5)`

`therefore = (3sqrt5)/(-2 sqrt5 times sqrt5)`

Note that `sqrt 5 times sqrt 5 = 5`

`therefore = (3sqrt5)/-10`     or `-(3sqrt5)/10`

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your question is





`` Rationalise the denominators, you will get





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