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What are similarities and differences between John the savage and Bernard Marx...

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What are similarities and differences between John the savage and Bernard Marx in Brave New World. Although they were raised very differently, Bernard Marx and John the Savage are both dissatisfied with the society of the brave new world. What qualities do the characters have in common? How are they different? Compare their strengths and weaknesses.

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I do not think that these two have much in common.  Bernard and John are both at least somewhat dissatisfied with the brave new world, but I am not sure that Bernard's dissatisfaction is real.

Look what happens when Bernard becomes famous because of John.  He starts to really embrace the society -- he changes his attitude towards sex and towards getting ahead in the society.  I do not think that he is really dissatisfied with the society per se.  Instead, I think he is dissatisfied with his place in the society.

John, on the other hand, really is dissatisfied with the society.  He is more honest than Bernard and more committed to his convictions.  That is why he kills himself while Bernard begs not to be exiled.

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At some point Bernard agrees with John on the assertion that “civilized infantility” is very undemanding. He directs this idea to Mond who thinks that Bernard should be punished for such heresy. Both John and Bernard criticize the new world albeit for different reasons.

The difference is seen when Bernard’s criticism is directed at his inability to fit in his social status while John’s criticism is aimed at the civilized world’s values. Bernard is jealous of his peers who are well endowed while John is indifferent and does not measure himself against his peers. John is quite smart given his ability to study Shakespeare and even use his works to express his emotions and feelings. On the other hand, Bernard is not as intelligent. Bernard is shallow as seen when he welcomes his new popular status and even becomes more accepting of the society while John in his disdain for the same society commits suicide.


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