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Show how Peyton Farquhar responds as a typical Bierce character in "An Occurrence...

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Show how Peyton Farquhar responds as a typical Bierce character in "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge."

Ambrose Bierce repeatedly dealt with characters whose psychological reactions to the situations they found themselves in were, in the clear light of logic and reason, grotesquely inappropriate.

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Farquhar's thinking is as he is being prepared to be hanged is unrealistic, yes.  His mind takes him to a vision of escaping from his dire situation...the rope breaking and Farquhar being able to swim to freedom, away from his captors, and nearly into the arms of his wife; however, his vision is abruptly ended as he dies. 

As he is waiting to be hanged, Farquhar's mind drifts, as our own minds might if we were preparing to die.  Many times in literature, we find characters who are facing imminent death who think back on their lives; however, here, we see Farquhar's mind drift to a highly unrealistic vision of his escape.  The reader wants to believe and might believe that he has escaped, but once the reader finds out at the end that he has not escape, but has, in fact, died, it gives the reader an entirely new view of Farquhar's thoughts.

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