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Should I put on a cockney accent for my monologue?I'm auditioning for a junior's...

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Should I put on a cockney accent for my monologue?

I'm auditioning for a junior's theatre group in two days and I've decided to go with one of Catherine's monologues from Wuthering Heights. I don't have a cockney accent though as I come from the north of england, and I've seen various versions of the same monologue on youtube and they all speak with a posh accent, so I wonder if it's an essential part of the act.

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The character of Catherine in Wuthering Heights is not a cockney so there would be no reason for you to adopt this accent. She is from Yorkshire where the book is set so your own accent would be ideal. She is also very socially ambitious which would explain the RP or posh accent you have seen on Youtube.

Accents should only be adopted when the actor is confident he or she can 'pull it off' without distracting from the performance. Accesing the truth of the character is more important than getting the accent absolutely perfect.


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