Should the words "literature" and "film' be in capital letters (British English) in the following:   "...combining interests in Sociology, TV and film, with literature..."

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Within the structure of a sentence part "...combining interests in Sociology, TV and film, with literature..."the words "literature" and "film" would not be capitalized.  The word "Sociology" is capitalized because it is a proper noun - the name of a subject; TV is capitalized as a recognized abbreviation but film and literature are part of a much bigger subject so are common nouns in this instance.

Capital letters are used for proper nouns when they represent a specific thing; for example, " aunt.." as opposed to " Aunt Sophie..."and "...the film..." or "The Film Festival.."The context is therefore very important such as in "We studied for our Literature exam" compared with "All works of literature can be found in aisle D.."

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