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Share a successful lesson!My successful lesson was 2 weeks ago. My K FLES students used...

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Share a successful lesson!

My successful lesson was 2 weeks ago.

My K FLES students used the ActiveBoard to recognize animals in Spanish.

After so many times listening to me giving three commands in Spanish to use the board (such as "draw a circle around____"  "change the color",  "select the pen option") they began REPEATING the commands in Spanish as they worked the Active board.

So, that took care of two lessons: Spanish and computers. And nobody was too overwhelmed nor stressed, in fact, it was a LOAD of fun!

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One of my favorite and most successful lessons was born of frustration. A couple of weeks before Spring Break, my American lit juniors had run out of gas, and I was tired of doing all the talking. Class discussion, anyone? No?

So, I wrote a script of the class discussion I wanted to have over "The Sculptor's Funeral." Since I had 23 students in class, the script had 23 speaking parts (Student #1, Student #2, Student #3, etc.), plus a part for me. (Trust me--I had little to say!) I made a copy of the script for each student.

I had such fun writing it. I worked in all the elements of the story I wanted to cover, with students carrying on their "discussion" with each other as they read from their scripts. The diction I used in the script was sometimes very formal and academic; they loved sounding like expert literary analysts. I also worked in some exchanges between students that I knew they would find quite funny because of our class history together.

I loved this lesson because my students loved it. There was much laughter that day, along with concentration on the words of the script. Nobody knew what was coming next, and they were eager to see where the script would go. Everybody could participate because everybody had a part to read. They learned a lot, reviewing the story and using literary terminology.

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Mshurn: That was such a talented idea! It shows that, in our line of work, thinking outside the box is most welcoming and makes our jobs so much more interesting! You have given me an idea. I could probably attempt to statements that are funny in Spanish and assign them to my students.  Laughter is the key to it all!

Great job! You have inspired me with tons of future lessons!

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