In several cases, it could be argued that Sir goes the "extra mile" for his students.  This could take any number of forms.  Identify cases of Sir’s going beyond the typical call of duty for...

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One of the most powerful elements about the vision of teaching offered in Braithwaite's work relates to the idea that the teacher can be a positive force in the life of a child because of the mere ability to care.  The gift of caring is where Braithwaite is transformed from an effective teacher to a model one.  In his interactions with his students as the narrative develops, this penchant for caring and "going the extra mile" for students is what distinguishes Braithwaite from other professionals.

In the boxing match with Denham, one sees Braithwaite going "the extra mile" in caring for his student.  While oppositional, Denham has yearned to have one opportunity to show to all the students the perceived phoniness within Braithwaite. When Denham gives Braithwaite a hard hit, Braithwaite strikes in response.  Yet, the caring and compassion with which Braithwaite treats the boy after he has been hit is where "the extra mile" is evident.  Denham is struck by the grace that Braithwaite shows.  He does not exact revenge from the boy.  He does not seek to degrade or humiliate him.  Rather, Braithwaite cares for the boy, showing his ability to go "the extra mile" for a challenging student because of his innate love for his students as people.

Another example of Braithwaite "going the extra mile" for his students can be seen in his methodology of teaching.  Embarking on excursions and class discussions that seek to prepare the students for "life" is another instance of the teacher "going the extra" mile for his students.  Braithwaite could take the easier path and stick to the mandated syllabus and direct textbook instruction.  However, he cares for his students, and wishes to make education more meaningful and more relevant to their lives.  In this, one sees Braithwaite "going the extra mile" in terms of being able to initiate discussions, take field trips, and ensure that the learning in the classroom has meaning to their lives as both students and people.  In this, Braithwaite's care is what enables him to "go the extra mile" for his students.


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