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Select an e-commerce site and prepare a synopsis of your perceptions of the customers,...

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Select an e-commerce site and prepare a synopsis of your perceptions of the customers, content, and commerce issues addressed through the site. You should weave your perceptions of the Internet business strategies employed by the site into the summary. You may speculate as to why it was felt that this strategic approach would be successful. You should comment on how the site accomplishes the following and provide recommendations for each, if needed:

  • How it deals with its customers. What assumptions does the site make about the sophistication and needs of the customer?
  • What kind of content is offered over the site? What information are customers interested in and what do customers need to conduct business?
  • What is the site's approach to e-commerce; are there restrictions to the services offered or are services wide-ranging?

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TerritoryAhead.com is an e-commerce site for apparel sales for men and women. Customers are up-scale as the fabrics are all natural, with no petrochemical derived fabrics or other synthetic fabrics. The apparel is elegant casual with a sense of refined unconcern. The pricepoint is high. A current issue is that the economy is in a protracted recovery from the banking and mortgage failures of 2008 and, with so many unemployed or underemployed, clothing sales have been depressed, thus many items are on sale.


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