Scout thinks Calpurnia leads a "double life".  What details lead Scout to think this?

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Scout realises this when one Sunday Calpurnia takes the children to visit her own church, in the heart of the black community. It is a revelation to Scout to see Calpurnia as part of this community rather than in her usual role as the Finchs' housekeeper. Furthermore, Calpurnia even speaks a different dialect in this particular world. This is really what makes Scout feel that Calpurnia leads a double life. Calpurnia has one existence in the Finch household, where white culture dominates, and quite another in the black community, where she even seems to speak a whole new language. To the young Scout, these existences appear totally separate. It is true that this is a child's perspective, but it also illustrates the nature of racial segregation in such a town as Maycomb.


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