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Scottsboro TrialsWhat is a good material to use when trying to teach students about the...

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Scottsboro Trials

What is a good material to use when trying to teach students about the Scottsboro Trials as a prelude to the novel To Kill a Mockingbird? I've been trying to create my own and I am getting stuck.

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Try using the attached link for PBS.  It includes a number of different ideas you might use, including a timeline and audio of people from the trial.  There is information pertaining to the individuals (both men and women) on trial, as well as a teacher's guide.


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The trials certainly do seem relevant to To Kill a Mockingbird, if only because both the trials and the novel were set in Alabama. Surely the Scottsboro case would have been on the mind of Harper Lee when she was a young woman and also when she later came to write her novel. You may want to take a look at some of the links listed here:


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There are several documentaries you can use. I found some on YouTube the last time I taught the book. Often you cannot afford documentaries, so I understand that. You can look on the History Channel and Discovery Channel's web sites. They have good lessons and videos.

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