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Scene InterventionHi y'all, For my English assignment I have to write a new scene in...

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Scene Intervention

Hi y'all,

For my English assignment I have to write a new scene in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to where a good place to intervene in the play would be...? I have thought about doing a prologue (the scene in the woods) but to me that is kind of generic and was hoping for some different ideas... any help would be greaty appreciated! Thanks!

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A prologue might ne interesting, but how about an epilogue? Since the play is a commentary on modern times, why not write a scene taking place during the communist witch hunts of the McCarthy era, demonstrating the parallels even more strongly.
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I was actually thinking of doing something like writing a scene to act as an epilogue but one that shows Elizabeth bringing up their child, who is called John, and the kind of figure that he grows up to be, carrying on his father's tradition of standing up for the truth and the name of Proctor. Could be an interesting idea.

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How about catching up with Abigail? Readers know that she stole all of her uncle's money (Parris) and took off (so she would not get into trouble with the courts). I always wondered what she was up to and if she caused any more trouble.

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