Say you were telling the story of della and jim to a few friends. Identify the two characters, tell what each one wants to do, and the main events.?The main events and the outcome of their story?...

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Della seems to be a house wife and only has one dollar and eighty-seven cents to buy her husband Jim a gift for christmas. But she only has a couple of hours to do so. Knowing she has so little money to buy him a gift, she knows the main things that her husban loves the most is a watch that his father and grandfather had, and her hair. But she made a huge choice and went and sold her hair to buy her husband a "platinum fob chain" to go with the watch he had. Jim had bought Della a set of brushes she wanted so much for christmas but had to sell his watch. When Jim gets home he isn't mad but isn't shocked when he see's Della's hair. When he see's the gift she got him, he tells her to open her gift. Della and Jim sold what they loved the most to try to get each other a gift for christmas eve.

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