Say the city in Fahrenheit 451 was never bombed, but the book people are going to start a revolution to reintroduce books into the book-banned society. How do you think they are going to accomplish...

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The people who introduced books would have to be Faber’s group, because they are the ones who have the books and have memorized them.

Professor Faber is a retired English professor.  He admitted to Montag that he saw what was happening to the world and did nothing, and by the time he spoke up no one was listening.  He tells Montag that the world needs quality of information, leisure time to digest it, and “the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the inter-action of the first two” (part 2).  As a result, Faber and his folks are memorizing books so that they do not disappear.  With the books they can rebuild society.

We'll pass the books on to our children, by word of mouth, and let our children wait, in turn, on the other people. A lot will be lost that way, of course. (part 3)

Faber explains that the government does not care about his little group because they are too insignificant to matter.  They can’t really stir people up, because people do not know all of the information they keep in their heads.  They will be mostly ignored.  Yet if the bomb did not drop, they might start a rebellion by making people care.  There is strength in numbers, and information.  If the people knew the truth about the war they might fight.


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