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The Saints and the Roughnecks In the article of "The Saints and the Roughnecks", did...

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The Saints and the Roughnecks

 In the article of "The Saints and the Roughnecks", did you find yourself surprised by what the researcher uncovered? What did the researcher find out? Do you know of any similar situations from your own life or from what you have seen through the media? Finally, what do you see as the connection, if any, between what went on in the lives of the boys studied in the article, and the way our society treats white collar and other crimes?

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In the "Saints and the Rougnecks" William Chambliss attempts to explain why two groups of kids, both of whom engage in delinquent activity, can be viewed so differently. The answer is probably not surprising to any high school kid. The Saints, most of whom are fairly wealthy and make good grades in school, are able to get away with their activities. Indeed, they are viewed as upstanding young men who "will make something of themselves." They have a good relationship with the local police, and the fact that they have cars enables them to skip school without being caught. The Roughnecks, mostly poor, are viewed as troublemakers, and are treated as such. They find it more difficult to get away with offenses at school and breaking the law in the community. Though the Saints are probably more "delinquent" than the Roughnecks, they are not viewed that way by society, due to reasons related to class and culture. 

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This reminds me of The Outsiders, in which the two groups are the Socs and the Greasers.  In the same vein, socioeconomic status has a lot to do with how the two groups are viewed.  The wealthier Socs are just sowing wild oats and boys being boys, while the impoverished Greasers are thugs and hoods.

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what the author means by "demeanor" and "visibility", and what role these things played in the lives of the saints and roughnecks. The author devotes whole sections to each of these concepts, so they must have been important.

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