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"Saint Antoine" (paragraph below) shows an example of A. metonymyB. allegoryC. symbolD....

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"Saint Antoine" (paragraph below) shows an example of

A. metonymy
B. allegory
C. symbol
D. synecdoche
E. metaphor

Either Saint Antoine had an instinctive sense that the objectionable decoration was gone, or Saint Antoine was on the watch for its disappearance; howbeit, the Saint took courage to lounge in, very shortly afterwards, and the wine-shop recovered its habitual aspect. In the evening, at which season of all others Saint Antoine turned himself inside out, and sat on door-steps and window-ledges, and came to the corners of vile streets and courts, for a breath of air...


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A. Synedoche, a sub-species of metaphor, is a figure of speech that substitutes something closely related to the thing actually meant. Thus, the use of the name of the village for its populace becomes such a metaphor. 

As such a metaphor,Saint-Antoine assumes a personality that characterizes the residents of this poor village. They watch to see when Madame Defarge takes the rose from her headband, a sign that there is an enemy to the revolutionaries in the wine-shop, the men all known as "Jacques." When Barsad leaves, for instance, she removes this rose after having registered him in her knitting, and the people of Saint-Antoine then filter into the wine-shop, or they step outdoors in the evening as other women knit.


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