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Is the rule "rape is always wrong" an absolute rule?I'm in college now and my Ethics...

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Is the rule "rape is always wrong" an absolute rule?

I'm in college now and my Ethics professor asked us to find out if the rule of "rape is always wrong" is an absolute. I just want to know someone else's opinion.  I already have my position. I just need some other opinions to prove mines correct.

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There is no way to "prove" this to be true because it is simply a matter of opinion.

To my way of thinking, you are right and this is an absolute rule that applies in all cases, regardless of whether a certain culture believes that rape is acceptable.  The reason for this is that rape harms a person physically and emotionally.  I believe that no person has the right to harm another person unless in self-defense.  Since rape cannot be considered self-defense, and since rape harms another person, it is an absolute violation of the rights that people have simply by the fact that they are human.

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