Romeo and Juliet, Act IV Questions? 1.Who discovers Juliet the following morning? 2.How does Friar Laurence deceive Juliet's parents? 3.Why does Lord Capulet say Our solemn hymns to sullen...

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It is in Act IV of “Romeo and Juliet” that Juliet’s Nurse discovers the cold and limp body of Juliet on the morning that she should marry Count Paris.  Immediately after she discovers Juliet’s body, the Nurse runs to find Lord and Lady Capulet to share the terrible news of their daughter’s “death”.   Up to this point, Friar Laurence has deceived Juliet’s parents because he has come up with a secret plan that would attempt to keep Romeo and Juliet together until he could talk to their parents to work things out.  Friar has hidden the fact that he married the two lovers, created a sleeping potion for Juliet, and that he plans to reconcile the two families.  Finally, when Lord Capulet says this, he is speaking to Paris directly following the point in which he finds his daughter “dead”.  He means that instead of listening to “solemn”, calm wedding music he will be forced to hear the music of a funeral. 

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