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Is rhythm a repeated pattern of strong and weak beats?

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Is rhythm a repeated pattern of strong and weak beats?

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Depending upon the discipline in the arts that is being considered, there are variations upon this definition.  Nonetheless, in all aspects, rhythm is the foremost means of aesthetic expression as it is what moves a work of art, music, poetry, speech, etc.

rhythm is defined in the following arts:

  • poetry - The arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables into a pattern, giving a poem a certain musical quality.
  • music - The way that sounds of differing lenth 9or gaps between them) and accents can combine to produce patterns in time which contain a beat.  A beat can be steady or unsteady.
  • art - A visual tempo or beat.  It is the principle of design that refers to a regular repetition of elements of art to produce the look and feel of movement.  This movement is accomplished with color, line, and form.
  • photography - The repetitions of elements to cause the viewer's eyes to move around or settle upon a certain part of the picture.

The word rhythm originates from the Greek word rhymthmos meaning a measured flow.

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