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Rewrite the below sentence (or cluster of ideas) in coherent English. ...

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Rewrite the below sentence (or cluster of ideas) in coherent English. 

Farms,pasture,forest,fisheries and wild species, which should be preserve and protected to stop their deterioration though careful planning for they are irreplaceable resources.

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There are a lot of elements to the sentence above. Let me give you a few alternatives. 

If you want one sentence, here is an option. "We should do our best, through careful planning,  to preserve farms, pasture, forests, fisheries, and wild species, because if they deteriorate, they are truly irreplaceable."

Here is another option: "We need to preserve to the best of our abilities our natural resources - farms, pastures, forests, fisheries, and wild species. Once they are gone, they cannot be replaced. So, it behooves us to plan carefully to protect our resources."

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