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Revenge in "Hamlet"Identify three instances of revenge in Hamlet and describe them. Who...

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Revenge in "Hamlet"

Identify three instances of revenge in Hamlet and describe them. Who is seeking revenge in each instance? What is the outcome in each incident? Is revenge gained? If so, who gained revenge, and who lost? Your main posts should answer these questions. Please credit the source to me so I would know where to find it. Thanks.

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1. Hamlet gains revenge against Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as spies for Claudius by changing the letter they carry to Britain; it requests their immediate death. Hamlet explains this ploy to Horatio in 5.2.31-61. The "friends" unwittingly deliver their own death warrant.

2. Laertes achieves revenge for the murder of Polonius by wounding Hamlet with a poisoned rapier. This weapon, however, is ironically the source of Laertes' own death as he says, "I am justly killed with my own treachery" (5.2.285).

3. Hamlet finally manages to fulfill the Ghost's request to kill Claudius, who is guilty of the elder Hamlet's murder (5.2.299-304). Hamlet first stabs Claudius with the envenomed rapier and then forces the king to drink the poisoned potion meant for Hamlet.

Ironically all who seek revenge succeed but at the cost of their own lives as well.

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