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RESEACH METHOD QUESTION Below there is two article from Business review.After Reading...

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Below there is two article from Business review.After Reading it

A)Identify Broad Problem Area for each article

B)Define the Problem Statement for each article

C)Develop Theoratical Frame Work for each article

D)Develop Hypothesis (H0 and H1) for Each articel 

Article 1

The concept of packed fresh milk(tetra pack,haleeb,daily dairy,prema,milk pack,etc) is getting popularity as compared to conventionally available fresh milk in pakistam.The reason identified from different sources as well as from many consumer is that,that conventional fresh milk is not up to the standards:mixed with dirty water,dangerous chemicals,un hygienic for health and many more.people are the preferring to have tested milk rather than unreliable milk.Moreover consumers are also ready to pay more for the quality.

Article 2

Many Skilled workers and educated class of pakistan is leaving under immigration scheme offered by different countries.The Reason identified for leaving Pakistan is highl inflation,expensive education and no growth in the career in all sectors of pakistan.Educated class is highly unsatisfied,low morale sleepless nights because of load shedding and sequeezing economic circle.It is very sad that the government is not paying any attention in losing the precious and experienced brain of pakistan.









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