Referring to Robert Frost's book of poetry A Boy's Will, what are three or four poems that are not in a unit that are connected? Please explain a little on how they are connected. Poems from A...

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Three poems that are not in a unit, but are connected in Robert Frost's book of poetry A Boy's Will, are "Into My Own", "The Vantage Point", and "Reluctance".

They are connected in that they deal with the thoughts and inner feelings/emotions of Frost and his view of the world around him. For example, "Into My Own" speaks of knowing himself better and of still holding those he loves dear. This is similar to some aspects of "The Vantage Point" and "Reluctance".

In "The Vantage Point" Robert Frost talks of seeking mankind - people - when he's tired of trees (in essence studying nature around him). Trees are prominent in the poem "Into My Own"; Frost comes to understand more about himself, as he relates in thiat poem.

Frost seems to understand more about himself, the world, and others in "The Vantage Point" poem too, because he observes closely all that is around him - people living their lives, graves, the insect world, and plant life. He sees meaning in all of this for his own life.

In "Reluctance", Frost also learns more about himself by observing the world around him. He is still seeking to gain knowledge and understanding of the world and his relation to it. This is evident in the line:

"The heart is still aching to seek,

    But the feet question "Whither"?


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