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Read the paragraph below. In the text box below, type each transition that shows...

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Read the paragraph below. In the text box below, type each transition that shows comparison or contrast.

Many people say that all cats are alike. Our two cats, Boots and Gleep, are living proof that this claim is just not so. Boots is very active, bounding around the house whenever someone is home. Gleep, on the other hand, is a placid, dignified creature who prefers to snuggle into your lap whenever possible. Boots shows her affection by giving you a quick butt with her head and gently biting your nose. Gleep, on the contrary, shows his love by rubbing against you and purring loudly. In fact, he wants to be with you all the time. Even their eating habits are different. Unlike Boots' quick dips into her food bowl, Gleep's preferred eating style is a long, leisurely munching.

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This is not that difficult. As you read through the paragraph, there are passages that describe characteristics of one of the cats, followed by a description that is very different for the behavior of the other cat. Your assignment is to isolate and list those passages. You will be comparing the overall activity or energy level between the two cats - one is full of energy and does lots of racing around the house, while the other wants to settle in and stay put. Work your way through the paragraph and find the other contrasting descriptions. You don't even need to put them in your own words - your directions are that you are to directly copy each pair of contrasting texts.

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