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I read opinions about "A Modest Proposal" by Swift but I would really like to find out...

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I read opinions about "A Modest Proposal" by Swift but I would really like to find out what was the reaction of English or Irish people then. I need some documents or letters from that period to write an essay. Do you know any book or document that could help me? So far I've found only one letter from Swift's friend. It's very helpful but it's not enough. If you have anything that could help please write

I'm sorry if my piece of writing isn't free of mistakes but I'm still learning English:)

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It seems to me that you are making your task too hard. Unless you are a doctoral candidate, you ought to be able to find the information you need in books about Jonathan Swift. Since he is a very famous writer, there are many such books. Your best bet, in my opinion, is to gather up as many biographies and other books about Swift as possible and look in the indexes for "A Modest Proposal." You are sure to find discussions of the public reaction to his essay because the essay is probably his most famous work outside of Gulliver's Travels.

You can start by referring to the e-Notes Study Guide on the topic of Jonathan Swift. That will take you to a number of books with articles on Swift, and many of these articles will end with bibliographies naming good books and articles in which you ought to be able to find discussions of "A Modest Proposal" by just looking in the indexes.

I have shown a good reference source in the first link below.


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Thank you very much, I know I've got a difficult task, but my teacher is very demanding and she wanted me to look for it. I hope I will manage to find something useful.

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