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I read books from many authors, in my multi cultural course, and for my final paper , I...

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I read books from many authors, in my multi cultural course, and for my final paper , I have to write a self evaluation of myself.

I know Iam a better writer, from being a better reader, I have learned much from these authors, on being a writer, especially from Julia Avalrez writing in her second langquage of English. However, I would appreciate an OUTLINE or comments to be sure I dont miss anything when doing an honest self evaluation of one's self. I'M SURE there are questions I should be asking myself. Thank you   

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When analyzing literature it is good to consider adding the way in which you made connections to the authors and their works.

Start by stating your text to text connections- Describe how Alvarez's works are alike or different to the other authors. Express which of them made the biggest impact in their use of descriptors, setting, and overall language. If you had to pick one, which would it be, and why?

Text to Self connections- This is the part of your report when you write what you stated about becoming a better writer through reading. However this must have been a process for you where you discovered "something" or "somethings" that were salient enough for you to re-visit your writing style. Explain in strong language (but not with a lot of unnecessary words), what that process was about, and what was that made you go "wow". This is your "wow" factor.

Text to World connections- This could be your final part of the report, where you state how our current society could benefit from the stories you just read. How do they explain the world in which we live? What external connections do you see taking place in the stories to today's realities? Write a conclusion using text to world connections and you should have a complete essay using all the connections between the author, the text and the reader.


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