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Random drug testing of students a. is not a violation of the Constitution. b. has been...

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Random drug testing of students

 a. is not a violation of the Constitution. b. has been considered by educators, but never actually implemented. c. applies only to students involved in band or choir. d. is constitutional only if it is done on athletes. e. has been ruled unconstitutional unless all students are tested.

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The best answer of these is A, but none of the answers is really completely correct.

The current law, as seen here, holds that schools may conduct random drug tests on any students who are involved in extracurricular activities.  This does include band and choir and it does include athletics.  However, neither C nor D can be correct because each answer includes the word "only" which makes each answer wrong.  This rule also makes E incorrect.  B is not true because there have been cases where districts have tried to test all students.  

This leaves A as the only correct answer.  However, because there are times when testing is a violation, Option A really should say something to the effect that it is not always a violation of the Constitution.  


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