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Radioactive isotopesRadioactive isotopes are often a worrisome contaminant. Consider...

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Radioactive isotopes

Radioactive isotopes are often a worrisome contaminant. Consider three radioactive isotopes, Strontium-90, Iodine-123, and Cesium-134. You are told that one of these isotopes is particularly worrying because it is readily absorbed into human bones. Which of these three isotopes would be expected to be most easily and readily absorbed into human bones? Why?

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The biggest problem relative to bone issues would be Sr-90, because it is similar in chemical and physical properties to Calcium, the major component in bones.

I-123 would be taken up primarily by the thyroid gland so would not affect bone health.

Cs-134, similar to sodium and potassium, is soluble in water and would primarily end up in the bodies soft tissues.


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