Is racism well and alive in America?what ever you write on my question i will use if it is so good lol just to help me out, i am taking help from teachers, students, professors or who ever would...

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The short answer is, of course, yes. Racism is still around, and people still suffer for it, and even die from it. The longer and more complicated answer is, things have markedly improved, and have gotten more complicated. This is due in part to political shifts; in the wake of 9/11, Americans fear differently. This is due in part to demographic shifts; the country is becoming more multi-cultural. And this is due to some real advancements in the area of race. Regardless of what you think of Obama, his candidacy marks advancement, as do the awards African-Americans have earned in different artistic and cultural areas, the political power, etc. Is there progress still to be made? Absolutely. Some people are feared, harmed, and denied opportunity due to race, and that is wrong. However, things are improving.

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