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The quote "nothing is funnier than unhappiness" in ENDGAME proves that there is...

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The quote "nothing is funnier than unhappiness" in ENDGAME proves that there is unhappiness humor/comedy. What are the functions of unhappiness?

my concern is in children's comedy, and would like to see functions of unhappiness in the play's like WAITING FOR GODOT, THE WAY AS YOU LIKE IT, by Shakespeare, examples of CINDERELLA, SNOWHITE, young and adult literature; as a whole. I hope this my question is more specific or clearer this time than before for i am so eager that my question to be answered before my year ends so that i could present my masterpiece of 3000 words, i have been given a time limit due to personal reasons but must complete the course, so i am eager. Would like to see examples of qoutes by whom qouted and can i find it, if possible, i know i'm asking alot but i have the sense that my essay will be completed with your help because most of best essays ared due to the help of this website. Thanks for your concerns everybody, i know you can support me for thats' what friends are for.

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I am having some difficulty capturing what you are asking, but I do know that Shakespeare uses unhappiness to serve as a preparation for comedy.  In his play "The Taming of the Shrew" the family of the primary character is miserable because of the oldest daughter Katherine.  She is so mean and unhappy that no one else can be happy.  Petruchio comes along and makes a wager that he can tame Katherine.  Petruchio puts her through psychological torture to bring her down to size.  The play uses Katherine's misery and the way she makes everyone else unhappy and farce to demonstrate unhappiness in relations to comedy.

In the play “Much Ado About Nothing"  by Shakespeare, Hero and Claudio are soon to wed.  They conspire to get one of his comrades married.  His men decide to play a trick on him and make it appear that his future wife has been sleeping with someone else.  The poor girl is traumatized by the rejection of her fiancée and the denouncement by her father.  She is under deep duress at the hands of a joke.  Yet, the players in the play ping humorously off the situation making a comedy out of a tragedy.


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