In Of Mice and Men, why does Curley wear a work glove on his left hand?

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According to Candy, Curley keeps his left hand covered with Vasoline so it will be soft for his wife. He needs the glove to keep the Vasoline on his hand. Odd, isn't it????

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Candy says that the glove is full of vaseline, and that Curley says that he's keeping the hand soft for his wife.  George says that is a dirty thing to tell around.  Presumably, Curley is keeping his hand soft for a sex act with his wife.  Later in the same chapter, George mentions the glove again, and theorizes that Curley is probably eating raw eggs and ordering patent medicines through mail order, presumably to build his sexual stamina.  The overall implication is that Curley's wife is accustomed to frequent and varied intercourse, and that Curley is struggling to meet her demands.

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In "Of Mice and Men", Curley wears a work glove on his left hand to keep them soft. 

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Curley's left glove is full of Vaseline because he said he wants to keep his hand soft for his wife

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He keeps it full of Vaseline to keep it soft presumably for a sexual act with his wife.

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The hand is full of Vaseline and he says  that he keeps it soft for his wife.  This is presumably a dirty thing to tell around because he's keeping it soft for his wife (aka to have sex). Later on, George mentions the glove again and suggests that Curley is probably eating raw eggs, (to build his sexual stamina.) Curley's wife is accustomed to various sex and Curley is struggling to keep up with her demand. 

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The glove is full of Vaseline to keep his left hand soft for his wife. As to what purpose... it is for intercourse with his diet and medicine.

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Curlys left glove is full of vasiline, it is said that he likes to keep that hand soft for his wife.

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Curly's wife mentions that Curly was a boxer. He keeps that hand protected by Vaseline and a glove to preserve it (think David Duchovny's character in Zoolander, if you've seen that movie). For Curly, that hand (symbolizing his boxing career), is a mark of excellence and dominance and he uses it to bolster his reputation as tough-guy on the ranch.

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