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In"Harry Potter the Order of the Phoenix"they didnt show anything about Harry...

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In"Harry Potter the Order of the Phoenix"they didnt show anything about Harry asking Nearly Headless Nick if Sirius became a Ghost.Why Not?

I was wondering because in the book there is a dramatic part where Harry asks Nearly Headless Nick and it seemed like an important part in the book. :)

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I agree with you.  In books like Harry Potter, there are always going to be parts left out.  If they put in every single event and happening, we'd have to pack dinner and probably breakfast for the next morning we'd be in the theatre for so long.  Even though we think these parts are important in the book (and they usually are since J.K.Rowling rarely if ever puts in superfluous details), something has got to hit the cutting room floor or not be put in the film version at all for the sake of time and the audience's attention span.

Keep reading!  These books are great fun.  Once you're done with these, if you haven't already checked into them, take a look at the Artemis Fowl series.

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Although that scene is fun to read, it may not have translated as well onto the big screen. Furthermore, it wasn't essential to the plot and when you have novels with such complex plot line, you're always looking to cut the least essential scenes, even though everything is great. 

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