In "The Cask of Amontillado", how does the following quote prove that Montresor is intoxicating Fortunado?"Drink ,I said presenting him the wine"

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First of all, Fortunato is probably already intoxicated since it is the Carnival.  Then, supposedly in order to help ward off the cold, Montesor offers Fortunato a bottle of wine, a Medoc.  This is a strong wine, and Fortunato's eyes sparkle after he imbibes it; Montesor plays to the foolishness of Fortunato.

When Montesor later continues his feigned concern "Your cough--"  Montesor replies,"It is nothing...let us go on.  But first, another draft of the Medoc.  Quite inebriated, Fortunato is more than willing to take a bottle on his own as he is unwittingly lead farther into the crypt.

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