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Q. `NaNO_2` (alkaline solution) `----->` gas + `Na_2ZnO_2` .The gas...

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Q. `NaNO_2` (alkaline solution) `----->` gas + `Na_2ZnO_2` .The gas is:-                                          (Zn powder,`Delta` )







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Usually the reaction of `NaNO_2 ` is made from the alkaline solution of `NaOH` . If we used `NaOH ` as the alkali solution the reaction can be written as:

`NaNO_2 + Zn + NaOH -> Na_2ZnO_2 + H_2O + NH_3`

NaNO2 reacts with Zinc powder in an alkali solution will produce the `Na_2ZnO_2` . `NH_3 ` is liberated in the reaction in the form of gas.

Answer: D.) `NH_3`

The balanced equation can be written as:


`NaNO_2 + 3 Zn + 5 NaOH -> 3 Na_2ZnO_2 + H_2O + NH_3 `



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