Q.1 mole of a non-ideal gas undergoes a change of state(2 atm, 3 L, 95 K) to (4 atm, 5 L, 245 K) with a change in internal energy of 30 L atm. Find dH of the process in L atm? a) 40 b) 42.3 c)...

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From the first law of thermodynamics it follows that,


`rArr DeltaH=DeltaU+Delta(PV)`


`DeltaU=30 L-atm`

`Delta(PV)=(P_2V_2-P_1V_1)=(4*5-2*3)=14 L-atm`


`DeltaH=(30+14), i.e. 44` L-atm

Hence, Option C) has the correct answer.


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