prove that:0/0 =2ANSWER: 0/0 =100-100/100-100 =(10-10)(10+10)/10(10-10)            <becz(10-10) is divided by (10-10)> =20/10 =2 (hence proved)  

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hello dudes we may also prove that 0/0=4

its also simple 

the steps r 






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if we think not just in the term of Mathematical calculation for a moment that what exactly is the meaning of


x / 0.


0 means absance of anything (void).


when we say




we are actually dividing 2 parts of x. But when we say x/0 we are dividing it with void or nothing or empty which means
 no division at all.


so logically x/0 = x + 0 = x - 0  = x

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nothing you have to do just simply:-

0/0=infinite numbers...

because 0x1=0,0x2=0,0x3=0,0x4=0,0x5=0,0x6=0,0x7=0,0x8=0,0x9=0,  0x10=0.......0xn=0..........

so choose your own no. ..........


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=(10-10)(10+10)/10(10-10)            <becz(10-10) is divided by (10-10)>



(hence proved)

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actually, when you divide both sides by (10-10), you are dividing by zero, which is actually undefined... even if you were to use variables, you would have to state its restrictions. 

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=2.........this is not so lengthy.

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0/0 does not equal to 2.

If 0/0=2, 2 x 0=0, which is correct.

But 3 x 0 is also 0. So according to the theory, 0/0 would then be 3.

If 0/0=2 & 0/0=3, 2=3 which is impossible.

Therefore 0/0 is not 2, but it is undefined.

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Basically, 0/0 is said to be undefined, post 1 is quite interestingly true.

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0/0 can be several things

It is generally considered to be undefined, as x/0 is undefined

It could also be 1 as anything divided by itself is 1

Or it could be considered 0, as 0/x is 0

Mathematicians have had long discussions about this but when doing actual math it should be considered undefined

Your proof is clever though

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